How to cure patient of VIRUS #0xCF0 (Furry disease)

1. Put patient in Containment Room 3312. (Holds 2 patients)
2. Get injection labeled 0xCF0\_C.
3. Put on a hazmat suit or any thick clothing.
4. Approach patient and stay 3 feet away from the patient.
5. Put the injection in anything that shoots injections. (guns labeled ICQ, or a tranquilizer gun)
6. Inject patient with the injection.
7. After 1 hour, the patient’s fur will fall off, and the patient is cured.
8. Get patient out of the Containment Room.


1. Stay strong and don’t let it bite through your suit. 0xCF0 patients are nutorious for growling at, attacking, mauling, and even killing people. Be quick.
2. Put sleeping injection found in the suit into your spare tranquiliser gun.
3. Shoot the patient in the chest, shoulders, or lower thighs. Patient will fall and sleep in 2 seconds.
4. Continue the injection procedure.